Chapter 64 Excuses

Seeing Margaret's sudden appearance at the hospital, Marie stood up with a smile. "How did such a busy person like you find the time to come over today?" "I have something I need to discuss with you!" Margaret's expression was clearly written with displeasure. Marie immediately asked the patient to be excused. After the patient left the room, she closed the door. Margaret flounced herself onto the chair. "I'm here to ask you one thing. Is Irene really not able to have children?" Fortunately, Deborah had already informed Marie about the situation beforehand. Otherwise, she would have been caught off guard by Margaret's sudden visit. She grabbed Margaret's wrist and asked, "What happened?" "Irene has a child now. But didn't you tell me previously that she couldn't get pregnant?" Margaret questioned. "Irene has a child? Are you sure?" Since Marie had heard all this from Deborah, she had already thought of a way to deal with it. With a surprised look on h

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