Chapter 65 Deceive the Bad Guys

Margaret and Lily were upset, but it was the same for Edric too. Ever since he learned that Irene had remarried and had a child, he was never in peace. He always thought that Irene's appearance on the dating show was just to make up the numbers. It turned out that she really wanted to find a father for Eden. That was why she chose someone like Bert. When he thought of the fact that Irene almost ruined her life by marrying Bert, he was filled with guilt, remorse, and hatred. All that happened to Irene was because of him, and he had to think of a way to make up to her. Therefore, he could not focus on work for the past few days at all. After work, he did not go home, but drove around Southlake Residence where Irene lived. That time, he found that Jordan had become a frequent visitor of Irene's. Looking at Jordan swaggering in and out of her house and playing with Eden, Edric was frustrated. Jordan looked at her with such passionate intent in his eyes. E

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