Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 66 Stay Away From Him

Chapter 66 Stay Away From Him

When the security guard finished the call, Eden, who was on the sofa, had already disappeared. Eden ran to the elevator and pressed the button a few times. However, the elevator wasn't opening. He didn't dare to stay put as he was afraid that the security guard would catch up to him. Without hesitation, he ran towards the exit. Edric was driving. He inadvertently glanced at the side and was shocked when he saw a familiar figure. "Isn't that Irene's child? Why is he alone on the road?" he thought. Edric immediately stopped the car and went straight to Eden. Eden was out of breath. All of a sudden, Edric was seen standing in front of him, asking, "Where are you going? Where is your mother?" "Sir!" Eden exclaimed as if he had seen his savior. "There are bad guys chasing after me. I'm scared." "Fret not. I will protect you," Edric replied. Only after Irene was done with her fax did she realize that Eden was gone. She thought that Eden

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