Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 68 I Am Not That Cheap

Chapter 68 I Am Not That Cheap

Even though Loraine was the maid to the Myers family, she was so vicious to her own employer. Lily felt a chill down her spine. After the matter was over, she had hoped Loraine would just leave with the money, but Deborah disagreed. She said Loraine could still be useful, and now it seemed like Deborah was right. "You can't drive a useful person away when the job is only half done. Is this how you plan on doing things in the future? Before you officially become a member of the Myers family, Loraine can't leave. Besides, we have Loraine's son as a leverage. Since we have something to hold against her, she won't just betray us." Deborah snorted. "Mom, you'd better think of a way to deal with Edric and Irene. What if they remarry each other? Goodness, I feel so anxious!" "As long as you can make sure that the child is not Edric's, nothing will happen." Deborah was not too worried. "The child is definitely not Edric's. If it were, Margaret would not have quarrel

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