Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 69 New and Old Lovers Together

Chapter 69 New and Old Lovers Together

After leaving Irene, Margaret went to meet Marie angrily. "I'm so angry. That woman will really be the death of me. She and I have always been on opposing ends. Even now when she's divorced with my son, she still haunts me." "Have some water and calm down." Marie poured a glass of water for Margaret. Margaret took a sip of water but she was still fuming when she thought about it. "She didn't want my money, that means she's still thinking of remarrying Edric. Edric, on the other hand, is also blinded by his emotions. She's a married woman with a child, yet he still pines after her. How infuriating." "She's going against you on purpose. When she couldn't have children, she's too ashamed to come back. Now that she has a child, she came back just to get under your skin. What an evil woman. She knows that Edric has feelings for her, and she's using him to turn you two against each other!" Marie commented worriedly. "Yes, she really is evil. I can't let her have i

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