Chapter 6 What Man Would Dare Marry You?

Jordan's laughter came out of the blue and Irene merely stood and stared at him. After laughing for a long time, he stopped. "Irene, that was f*cking cool! You're so ugly and couldn't do anything well but who would have imagined that you could be so fierce? No man would dare to marry a woman like you." Jordan had always had a sharp tongue, so Irene merely lowered her eyes and remained silent as he spoke. Jordan couldn't care less if she was angry about what he said and continued, "It's all because of you. You wasted my time. I'd planned to spend a night with Lulu, and you ruined it... Take a cab back by yourself. Your bonus for this month will be halved!" After saying this, he got into the car and left. Irene stood rooted to the spot for a while before she made her way to the nearby bus station with a heavy heart. Less than five minutes after she left, a luxurious Aston Martin pulled over in the parking lot of the police station. Edric was seated in the back. His assistant, John Davis, got out to open the door for him. "Mr. Myers, do you want to go in and have a look?" "That's not necessary. Go in and tell her that we'll let her off the hook this time, but she won't have it easy if it happens again." John nodded and headed for the police station. As Edric watched him go, he couldn't help but feel frustrated at the thought of how pathetic Irene looked. "Irene, you've always been wild and unruly, haven't you? Money never meant anything to you and you were the one who wanted to leave me without a penny to your name. Why can't you f*cking live a better life? Why are you a waitress now and even landed yourself in such a pathetic state?" Edric lit up a cigarette. After he took a puff, he saw John come out of the police station. "Mr. Myers, someone took Madam away," he reported. "Someone took her away? Who? Was it Nathan?" Edric fired out three questions in a row but John shook his head and replied, "No, it's Jordan Reed!" "Jordan Reed? Haha!" Edric sneered. Jordan and Nathan were close friends and judging from how quickly he came to rescue Irene, it wasn't hard for Edric to tell how much Irene meant to Nathan. He then crushed the cigarette butt in his palms fiercely and said, "Let's go!" Irene waited at the bus stop for half an hour before a bus arrived. When she arrived home, her uncle, Thomas, was watching TV in the living room. Seeing the state of the mess she was in, he exclaimed in shock, "Irene, what happened to you?" "I met that b*tch!" Irene replied her uncle truthfully. "Irene, you shouldn't have come returned! You should have stayed with Nathan..." "Uncle, I can't possibly stay by Nathan's side all the time. I can't implicate him with my status. Besides, you're in poor health and I'm worried about you." "It's all my fault. I'm getting older day by day and being an inconvenience to you," Thomas sighed. "It's okay, I wouldn't remain in San Fetillo for long. The Golden Age Group expanded their operations and started a new company in Oxton, so I may be transferred to work there in the future. When the time comes, we'll leave San Fetillo and will never have to meet those b*tches again." Meanwhile, Lily had arrived at the Cook family's residence, hurriedly getting off the car and entering the living room. "Mom, I'm back!" she yelled. Deborah Jones, who was sitting in the living room, looked up. She was utterly stunned when she saw Lily's tousled hair and soiled dress. "What happened?" she probed. "Let's talk upstairs," Lily replied as she took one glance at the helper who was in the living room. She then held Deborah's hand and led her upstairs. After closing the door, she immediately said, "Mom, Irene is back. What should we do?" "What? Irene is back? Really?" Deborah was taken aback. "It's true. I ran into her at the party tonight. She's pretty down trodden and is actually working as a waitress at the party..." Lily then told Deborah about everything that had happened tonight. "What's wrong with you? Why did you provoke her now?" Deborah chided. "I have to. Mom, think about it. Why did this b*tch appear now when she was missing for the past three years?" Lily retorted with an angry look on her face. "She must have appeared deliberately because she knew that I was about to be engaged to Edric." "Is that so?" Deborah asked. "It must be the case. She must be indignant that I snatched Edric away from her. I'm worried that she'll look for Edric, so it's better for me to take action first." "That's a good idea, but your dad...he misses that b*tch. If he knew that she's back, he would definitely go to find her and that'll be troublesome." "That's why you need to come up with a solution quickly." "I'll think about it. Your father should never announce his relationship to her to the public," Deborah warned resentfully.

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