Chapter 7 Nightmare

As it was getting late, Irene laid down in bed soon fell into a deep slumber. She then began to dream. In her dreams, she had returned to that day three years ago when Lily showed her huge belly to her and smiled gleefully as she announced. "Irene, I'm pregnant with his child." Irene merely slapped her in the face, but that led to Lily's subsequent miscarriage.  She felt afraid and angry when she saw the blood that was splattered all over the ground. 'Smack!' The crisp sound of a slap could be heard, along with the vicious cursing by Margaret, "B*tch, you're a fruitless tree and yet you simply can't allow others to do what you've failed to achieve, could you?" "This is the divorce agreement. Please look through and sign your name on it," the lawyer said indifferently. "Mr. Myers, don't have the time to spare. Stop wasting time. Hurry and sign it. It's better for all of us." Irene had loved and fully devoted herself to Edric for five years. She had thought that she could entrust herself to him for the rest of her life. A searing pain threatened to rip Irene's heart apart, and her entire body was drenched with cold sweat. She then quivered and woke up with a start. She had been haunted by these terrible dreams for the past three years. Irene rubbed her head and sat up before she grabbed her cellphone from the bedside table and took one glance at the time. It was 4 a.m in the morning. After Irene had roused from her nightmare, couldn't seem to fall asleep anymore. As her body was wet with sweat, she slipped out of bed and took a shower before she changed into a fresh set of clothes and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Although Jordan looked like a playboy who only knew how to fool around, he could be trusted to handle things well. When they first arrived in San Fetillo, he was exceptionally eager to get things done and completed all his tasks swiftly. He was not a man who liked to drag things on and as his assistant, Irene doesn't dare to slack off at all. Irene quickly finished her breakfast and hurried downstairs with her bag. She lived in an old style house that was tucked away in the alley. As the neighborhood was as old as time itself, several street lamps were already out of order. Irene exited from the alley based on her memory and at one glance, spotted Bus 28 heading in her direction. She immediately bolted towards the bus and overlooked a black luxury car that was parked beside the alley. Edric watched as Irene rushed onto the bus before he rolled down his car window. He held onto a cigarette butt and stared at the direction where she had disappeared off to with a gloomy look in his eyes. It was hard for Edric to distinguish his emotions when he saw Irene, who had been missing for three years, and suddenly appeared. "Irene, it's good that you're back," he thought. Irene rushed into the company and because she was early today, there was nobody. She then tidied up the office and made a cup of tea for Jordan before she sat down in her seat and turned on her computer. While she was looking through Jordan's schedule for the day, heard the sound of footfall at the entrance. Jordan and his Executive Assistant, David Brown, had come. Jordan was rather surprised to see Irene in the office at such an early hour, and his lips curled up into a mischievous grin as he said, "Irene, are you hoping that I'll give you more bonus for coming in early? Fat hope! I would rather give my money to a beautiful woman than to an ugly monster like you. It'd be a waste of my resources." When Irene joined the company, she already knew that Jordan was a lustful man. Although Nathan introduced her, she was still afraid that she might be harassed by Jordan. Thus, to prevent this from happening, she had always dressed in conservative, old-fashioned attire whenever she was around Jordan and would not apply any makeup. She even got herself a pair of old-fashioned black-rimmed glasses once she learned that Jordon hated women who wore glasses. Thus, Jordan had never looked at Irene in the eye throughout the three months that she had worked with him. He was also harsh with his words and never respected her. Jordan had already insulted her looks and intelligence so many times that Irene had become immune and had learnt to ignore his sarcasm. David, on the other hand, couldn't bear to watch him insult Irene any further and quickly began to mediate the situation. "Mr. Reed, I heard that Edric will soon be engaged. What should we get him for his engagement gift?" Irene was momentarily stunned when she heard this and looked up at David.