Chapter 71 Scalded (1)

That punch hit Edric in the eye. He was in so much pain that he let go of Irene at once. Instantly, Irene pushed him away as she was scared that he might go near her again. Edric adjusted his body position to protect Irene a while ago. Hence, when Irene pushed him with such great force, he fell and hit the food trolley. The loud sound shocked Irene. She looked over, only to see Edric lying on the ground with soup all over his body. The waitress who was pushing the trolley was so scared that her face went pale. She kept apologizing as she helped Edric up. Irene's face at this moment was still plastered with stupefaction. Edric's eyes were beaten black and blue by her. The expression on his face showed that he was clearly in pain then. She subconsciously reached out to help Edric. Suddenly, a scream came from behind, stopping her actions. Irene looked back and saw Rowane's face full of horror. Seeing Rowane, Irene immediately withdrew her hand and turned to go

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