Chapter 72 Scalded (2)

"Take him back and interrogate him properly. How dare he stole a luxury car worth tens of millions of dollars and smashed it. Throw him into prison," Jordan hissed. "I didn't steal the car. This car was lent to me by a relative. If you don't believe me, you can ask him." James' voice now was as soft as a whisper. The police relied on the clues provided by James and notified the relative James was referring to. James' relative rushed to the police station, and when he saw Jordan, he greeted, "Mr. Reed, why are you here?" When Jordan saw that he was actually William's butler, he sneered and asked, "Did you lend him this car, or did he steal it?" The butler said with a sullen expression, "He is my nephew. He came to visit San Fetillo these few days, and when he saw the car, he wanted to take it for a ride. I had turned him down. But, I didn't expect that he would still drive it out while I was asleep. Mr. Reed, please forgive me this time." "So, he was d

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