Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 73 She Was The One Who Did It

Chapter 73 She Was The One Who Did It

A few days later, when Irene was working in the company, she received a call from Thomas. "Irene, Eden is missing!" "When did he go missing?" Irene was shocked. "Just now! I took him to play in the park, and he said that he wanted to eat ice cream. So I went to buy it for him, but when I came back, he disappeared!" Thomas explained. "How could this be?" Irene's heart went into an arrhythmia. She took the phone and rushed straight to Jordan's office. Ignoring anyone else, she directly called his name, "Jordan, something came up, and I need to excuse myself first. I'll do the rest of the work tomorrow." Seeing Irene's ashen face, Jordan knew at once that something serious had happened. "Irene, what happened?" "My son went missing in the park! I need to find him!" Irene explained. "I'll go with you!" Jordan immediately got up and followed Irene out of the company. The two got in the car and went straight to the park where Eden went missing.

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