Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 74 Couldn't Wait Any Longer

Chapter 74 Couldn't Wait Any Longer

Irene was irked to see Edric. Without waiting for him to speak, she shouted, "Mr. Myers, what exactly do you want?" "Irene!" "Do you know that it's very annoying for you to show up here every day? Do you know that I almost lost Eden because of you pestering me so brazenly?" Irene questioned. "Irene, Eden's matter is an accident..." Edric trailed off. "An accident? Who told you that it was an accident? Edric, I'm telling you that it's all Margaret's planning. It was Margaret who hired a hitman to take Eden away as she wanted to threaten me!" Irene yelled. "Margaret did it? How could it be possible?" Edric asked. "Why is it impossible? She has threatened me several times. Is there anything that a vicious person like her can't do?" Irene's voice was increasing in a crescendo. "If it's really Margaret who did it, I will definitely straighten things out for you," Edric promised. "I don't need you to straighten things out for me. Edric,

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