Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 75 Every Family Had Its Own Problems

Chapter 75 Every Family Had Its Own Problems

It was not until eleven o'clock in the night that Jordan left Irene's house reluctantly. Seeing that he started the car and left, Edric who had been hiding under the shade left too. "Things can't go on like this! It's too torturous to wait here every day, and it can't change anything," Edric thought. He had been thinking about it while driving his car. He had even told the Reed family the news. Why didn't they take any measures until now? Did they really plan to let Jordan marry a divorced woman who had a child? Thinking about it, Edric shook his head. Although Jordan's reputation was terrible, Pedro Reed, Jordan's grandfather had always favored him. Pedro was particular about finding an appropriate match for Jordan. Hence, it was impossible for him to agree to Jordan's choice. So why hadn't they stepped in and stopped Jordan from approaching Irene? Edric felt that it was a strange turn of the event. At this moment at a manor in Mencodia, Pedro held two iron balls

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