Chapter 76 Yacht Party

Rowane wore a pink dress that complimented her fair skin, making her look all the more beautiful. Edric, on the other hand, was dashingly handsome, given his height. They looked like a perfect couple made in heaven. Seeing Jordan and Irene walking over hand in hand, Edric narrowed his eyes slightly. Jordan was wearing a black suit without a tie. The top button of his black shirt was undone, revealing the silver chain on his neck. With his hand in his pocket, he looked equally dazzling. At this moment, Edric caught sight of a woman beside Jordan; she was holding his arm intimately. Edric's gaze couldn't help but be locked on her. She was Irene; she was wearing a long purple dress, its train dragged along the ground. The delicate diamond on the hem of her dress was twinkling under the light. Her long black hair tumbled over her shoulders like waterfalls. Her languid eyelashes of velvet-black fluttered as she walked her way into the hall; her ink-black eyes wer

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