Chapter 77 Champion

Edric had married Irene for three years, but he didn't know that she could play the piano! On the contrary, Jordan was not surprised by the fact that Irene was so talented. She used to be the apple in Steven's eyes. Thus, it was normal for her to learn the piano from a young age. He walked to Irene's side and crouched down before he allowed his fingers to dance their ways on the piano keys gracefully. They had never played the piano together before, but they played in perfect harmony! "It is a four-hands performance! Oh my! I didn't expect Mr. Reed and Irene to have such unique skills! How romantic would it be if they are married in the future?" Randy's mouth was agape. When he saw Edric's cold gaze, he shut his mouth instantly. The mellifluous piano sound echoed in the hall. As the song came to an end, they looked at each other and smiled, their faces glowed under the spotlight. After a long time only the onlookers came back to their senses and began

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