Chapter 78 Proposal

In the event that the engagement ceremony could not be held on time because of Edric's detainment, the angriest person was none other than Lily. No one would be happy when one's engagement was cancelled because of a joyriding incident. Besides, the calls from several people who called themselves her best friends made her rage explode like a volcano. She let out her wrath by grabbing the scissors and cutting several pieces of her clothes. It was not until Deborah pushed the door open and yelled at her that she stopped her crazy behavior. "Mom, why am I so unlucky? Why is God doing this to me?" "Lily, calm down!" bellowed Deborah. "How can I calm down? I've waited for him and loved him for so many years, but I could only watch him marry another woman. After enduring all these and ending up being pregnant with his child, God once again took him away from me. Now that he agreed to get engaged, he was caught in an accident at the very last minute. Why? What did I do wro

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