Chapter 79 Why Did You Lie To Me

After parking the car at the condominium, Rowane helped Edric into the elevator. Edric had drunk too much, so he couldn't stand still at all. He had been leaning on Rowane all the while. She used all her strength to hold his body, slowly waiting for the elevator to reach their destination, and soon, the elevator stopped. Rowane helped Edric out of the elevator and stumbled into her unit. Rowane brought Edric into the bedroom and settled him on the bed. Then, she turned around and made a cup of honey water for him. Then, she entered the bedroom with the honey water in her hands. At that moment, Edric was lying motionlessly on the bed with his eyes closed and eyebrows knitted. Rowane looked at his handsome face and sighed slightly. "Edric! Sleep only after you drink up the honey water!" As soon as she finished speaking, Edric opened his eyes. Rowane helped him up and put the cup near his mouth. Edric drank it all up in one breath and then held her hand

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