Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 80 How Could There Be Such A Coincidence?

Chapter 80 How Could There Be Such A Coincidence?

Irene laid in his arms, her heart filled with happiness. Over the years she had been wandering around together with Eden, only God knew how much she had suffered all this while. It was not because she was particularly strong, but because she couldn't find a reliable person to be her anchor. She was always wondering when she could finally live a stable life, when she could give Eden a father who truly loved him. Right then, she finally found Jordan, who was willing to hold her tightly. She couldn't find a reason to run away and give up on him. Rowane thought that if she told Irene that Jordan had a fiancee, Irene's self-esteem would cause her to soon break up with Jordan. Yet, little did she know that the situation would unfold in such a different way from what she had envisioned. Not only did Irene and Jordan not break up, but they got closer than before. Edric had become more dejected when he noticed Irene and Jordan were getting more intimate with every pa

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