Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 81 Pedro Has Stepped In

Chapter 81 Pedro Has Stepped In

After Irene went out of the cafe, she received a call from Jordan. He asked, "Where are you?" "I went to see Kinsey," she lied. "Why didn't you call me and say that? I came all the way here for nothing," Jordan complained. "Sorry, I left in a hurry, so I forgot," she apologized. Jordan decided to let it pass. "I'm going back to the company. See you later." After hanging up, Irene got on the taxi. It was rush hour, so there were a lot of cars on the road. Needless to say, she was caught in a traffic jam. Fortunately, her boss was Jordan, so she wasn't afraid of being reprimanded for being late. Thinking of Jordan, a sweet smile appeared on her face. A familiar voice rang out, "How long are we going to be stuck in this traffic?" Irene turned her head and looked over. It was Marie. Marie used to be an attending doctor for her infertility. Hence, Irene had a lot of consultations and appointments with Marie. As she so often appeared in Marie'

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