Chapter 82 Break Up

"Miss Nelson, now you know why I object to your relationship with Jordan. It is not because you are a single mother or a divorcee, but because you are the daughter of someone Jordan hates the most. Because of your mother, Jordan has lost his father since he was a child. If he knows that you are the daughter of the woman who snatches his father away, what will he think?" Pedro's voice was like a strained foghorn, slow but powerful; every word of his was devastating. "Think it over. If you can be with Jordan without feeling guilty, I won't object to your relationship. But you can't hide the truth. Otherwise, when Jordan learns it..." Irene tried her best to keep herself calm, but tears still welled up her eyes. It was such a huge blow to her. She didn't want to cry in front of outsiders, hence she stood up and bid goodbye to Pedro. Looking at her straightened back, Pedro's heart couldn't help aching for her. "Jordan, I have always been afraid of liking you. It's beca

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