Chapter 83 Car Accident

Before the breakup, Irene did not feel anything unusual with Jordan accompanying her every day. But now, without Jordan's company, she found that her life had become so dreary. Everytime after dinner, she sat in the living room and checked her phone several times. Although she knew that there would be no phone calls or messages, she still looked forward to one. Thomas was playing games with Eden before he noticed Irene's actions. He sighed and said, "Irene, it's still early. Shall we take Eden somewhere nearby?" "Sure!" Irene got up and went downstairs with Eden and Thomas. The three of them took a stroll around the park. There was a night market not far from the residential area. It was always lively there in the evening. Eden saw the crowd and pointed in the direction of the market with his chubby little finger. "Mommy, can we go over there?" "Sure!" Irene nodded. Soon, the three of them arrived at the market. It was packed, leaving th

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