Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 87 A Slap in the Face

Chapter 87 A Slap in the Face

Edric rushed into the house and was met with chaos. He first separated Kinsey and Loraine who were now actively fighting each other. Then he saw Irene pressing Margaret down on the sofa with her hands tightly gripped around Margaret's neck. Margaret was getting choked and her eyes were rolling upwards. Aghast, Edric stepped forward to pull Irene away. Margaret was struggling for air with Irene's hands grappling around her neck. For a second, she thought she was going to die. When she could finally breathe, she gasped as she took in mouthfuls of air. "Mom, are you okay?" Edric immediately went to her to help her catch her breath. Margaret was still puffing and panting as she looked at him. Here came her savior! "Edric, you came right on time. Look at this little b*tch! She came to my house to attack me! She wants to kill me!" Margaret sniveled. Seeing Margaret's disheveled hair and the red mark around her neck, Edric was furious. He turned his head and

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