Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 88 You Played It Well

Chapter 88 You Played It Well

Margaret had never thought that Irene would come to her house and make such a huge fuss. However, the truth was that Margaret wasn't the one who kidnapped Irene's child. Nonetheless, when Irene barged into the house and started questioning her, she suddenly had an idea. At that time, Irene was furious and was convinced that Margaret was the one who kidnapped Eden. All Margaret needed to do was provoke Irene so she would do something irrational and unacceptable. Then Margaret would be able to force Edric to make a choice and get rid of Irene once and for all. That was why Margaret didn't even care to run away; instead, she even hit Irene. Due to that, Irene almost strangled Margaret to death in a fit of anger. Since they had such a huge fight, needless to say, Margaret would definitely not give in. However, all Edric did was to demand Irene to apologize. His protective action towards Irene infuriated Margaret. Therefore, Margaret once again grabbed hold of Ir

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