Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 89 Just Like Her Mother

Chapter 89 Just Like Her Mother

Edric's face darkened when Irene walked away without turning back. Lily said tearfully, "Edric, go and get Irene. Talk to her. I'm fine." "Why should I? We didn't do anything wrong!" Edric helped Lily up. "I'll take you to the hospital to treat the wound." While the doctor was treating Lily in the operation room, Edric stood alone outside, feeling irked. How could Irene be so cruel? How could she be so heartless? A surprised voice rang out from behind all of a sudden, "Edric? Why are you here?" Edric turned around and saw that it was Marie. Edric then nodded politely and greeted her, "Madam Walker, nice meeting you!" "Edric, I have something to check with you." Marie pulled Edric aside. "I heard from your mother that you broke up with Lily. Is it true?" Edric nodded. "It's true." "That's good! That's good! Then, I wouldn't have to be worried anymore." Marie looked relieved. "What's the matter, Madam Walker?" Marie and Lily's relat

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