Chapter 90 Sick

Irene was furious. Steven had been a politician for a long time, and to her surprise, even his style of communicating was similar to that of a politician. He even used one of their tricks on her, saying that he left hundreds of million worth of assets for her. If she really cared about those, she would never have divorced Edric so easily. What made her most angry was the fact that Steven was deceived by Deborah and Lily so easily. Steven was not a fool. The reason why he could tolerate them must be related to his career. What right did a person who disregarded family for his own future, have, to act as her father? Right then, she was completely disappointed in Steven. After returning home, Irene's face was written with dejection. Thomas asked her, concerned, "What did he meet you for?" Irene sighed and told Thomas that Steven and Deborah asked Lily to bear Edric's child. After she divorced Edric, she only told Thomas that Edric cheated on her, but she never

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