Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 91 Heartlessly Rejected

Chapter 91 Heartlessly Rejected

"Hello?" Edric's voice was tinged with sleepiness due to the difference in time zones. "It's me!" Irene controlled herself so her emotions did not show in her tone. Edric sat up immediately after he heard Irene's voice. Right then, he returned to his usual indifference. "What's wrong?" "Edric, can I... can I ask you for a favor?" "What is it?" he asked. "Can... can... can you not get engaged to Lily?" Licking her cracked lips, she finally muttered out a complete sentence. "I'm afraid I can't!" Edric answered in a straightforward manner. He suspected that there was something amiss with his ears. If she had made such a request a few days ago, he would have been ecstatic and gave her a positive answer. However, right then, he felt that it was too ironic. "Edric! If you don't get engaged to Lily, I... I will consider getting back together with you!" God knew how much courage it took for her to say that. Nonetheless, Edric sneered and parroted, "Get

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