Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 92 What's Going On

Chapter 92 What's Going On

"Irene, you're back!" shouted Maisy. She was standing in a remote corner, watching the engagement ceremony in disdain when she noticed Irene. She ran towards Irene immediately. "Where have you been for all these years? Why haven't you come back to check on me?" Maisy's voice choked. Irene saw Maisy; and she, too, ran over excitedly. She stretched out her arms and hugged Maisy. When Irene was just a wisp of a girl, Maisy worked as a servant in the Cook family. She had always been very good to Irene. Deborah and Margaret also came over. When they saw Irene, Margaret's first thought was that Irene was here to stir up trouble. She stood in front of Irene with an aggressive front. "Why did you come?" Irene let go of Maisy and squinted at Margaret. "Excuse me, who are you in the Cook family?" "I..." Margaret's face turned red. The contempt on Irene's face agitated her. "Well, Lily's my daughter-in-law, and this is her home!" "Oh? It's not yours, then

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