Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 93 More to Keep Them Awake at Night

Chapter 93 More to Keep Them Awake at Night

Margaret said that Edric would send them home, but it was John who drove them back instead. Lily and Deborah sat at the back while Edric was in the passenger seat. Although there were four of them in the car, the atmosphere was unusually depressing. Not one word was spoken on the way. John glanced at Edric in confusion. Why did he feel that Edric was in a bad mood? What happened? When they arrived at the Cook family, Edric did not get out of the car. Lily, too, did not cling to him as usual. Instead, she bid goodbye to him sensibly and left. As Edric's car vanished from their visions, Lily exhaled and asked, "Mom, do you think Margaret believed what you told her?" "Even if she doesn't, I'll make her believe it!" Deborah huffed. She felt her face growing stiff from all the forced smiles she had to put on just for the sake of explaining things to Margaret earlier in the day. Thinking that all this happened because of Irene, she cursed in a low voice, "D*mn tha

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