Chapter 94 A Lot to Ask

The next morning when Irene went downstairs, she saw Steven on the sofa in the living room with Deborah. Spotting Irene, Steven revealed an amiable smile and asked, "Irene, did you sleep well last night?" "It was good," Irene replied plainly. "Let's have breakfast!" As soon as Steven got up, Deborah followed suit too. With a smile plastered on her face, she explained, "Steven had Maisy make you your favorite breakfast. He's been waiting for you to have it together." "Thank you!" Irene forced herself to say the words. The truth was she did not feel grateful at their kind gestures at all. In fact, she hated seeing their hypocritical smiles. If it were not for Eden, she would not have the energy nor interest to interact with them. Because of Irene's return, Steven chose not to go to work. It was unprecedented, but he stayed at home to accompany Irene. Nevertheless, he was still busy entertaining numerous phone calls one after another. As Irene was bored,

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