Chapter 95 Laying Her Cards On The Table

Sure enough, their guess was not wrong. After Lily put down the phone, Freya asked her in a flattering manner, "Is it your mother-in-law?" Lily nodded and the smile on her face died down. She could not afford to lose the bid for the upcoming sports meeting. If that happened, Margaret would give her a hard time. Therefore, she had to find a way to ensure her father Steven would not side with Irene. Although Irene was eating her food quietly, her heart was beating fast. She knew very clearly what Margaret and Lily's intentions were. If it weren't for her, Edric would definitely have won the auction previously without any difficulties. This time, Steven would certainly be bound to be biased to Edric. She, on the other hand, would never allow Edric and Margaret to get what they wanted. Eden was seriously ill and suffering in pain at such a young age. Therefore, how could she allow Edric and Margaret to have everything as per their plans. She had to fight for the auctio

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