Chapter 1006 Immortality

How could a person die so easily after having lived up to a thousand years? That was why Shimon was sure Jeff would not die. What would someone who was immortal need the Arcane Jade for though? Everyone should know that the reason why the Arcane Jade was mythologized and every influential individual was after it was that it contained the power of immortality. The man in front of him could not look older than 30 years old even though he claimed to have lived so long. Did that not mean that he was already immortal? Why would he still need the Arcane Jade then? Shimon realized that something was not right, but he did not have the guts to say anything. He could only balance the box on his palms carefully and stand up. With his waist bent slightly, he exited the room under Old Mike’s lead. It was after he left that Louis spoke up indignantly. “Master, isn’t it too risky for you to let him handle such an important task?” After all, he only saw Shimon as an outsider in t

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