Spoiled by the President
Spoiled by the President

Spoiled by the President

By: Webfic
Updated up to Chapter 1087
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Her boyfriend and her sister tangled together in the sheets, so she turned around and married the fearsome business tycoon, Gideon Leith.Not only is she a star in her own right, but she’s also a publicist and an entrepreneur? A super race-car driver? A world-renown gold medalist designer too?! Just who is this precious hidden treasure of a girl!!!She went from being pitifully spurned to a goddess looked up to by tens of thousands of people, and her admirers queued from Jincheng all the way to Kyoto.Mr. Leith, who saw a certain someone’s feminine charm, quickly tucked her into his arms. “Wife, I need to hide you well. You can only belong to me!”