Chapter 102 An Eye For An Eye

Perhaps… He never came in at all? Nell tugged at her hair and rubbed her face. The images of her dream faded away as her mind woke up, but her temples throbbed with the start of a headache. She pressed her fingertips to her forehead and gently rubbed a few times before lifting the blanket and getting out of bed. “Missus, you’re awake!” Aunt Joyce just happened to come in and smiled at her. Nell forced a smile. “I overslept. Why didn’t you wake me?” “Sir said that you weren’t feeling well before he left, so he told us not to disturb you so you could rest longer.” Nell was surprised. She looked at Aunt Joyce who was all smiles, and asked, “Where did he sleep last night?” “You didn’t know? He stayed up too late working last night and slept in the study itself.” Nell was silent for a moment. So he really did not come back. An indescribably complicated feeling rose up in her heart. She did not know what was going on either. She had clearly planned to guard her heart from the beginning, so s

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