Chapter 1059 Who Is He

Of course, Jeff did not know these comments made fun of him. He took a sip of his tea, then put the cup down and looked at Nell gently again. "Naturally, I’ll do what I say. It would surely be a great thing if Miss Jennings can believe in that." Nell said coldly, "Go ahead and explain what’s the meaning of what you said in the villa. How did you know that I was targeted ten years ago? Also, you said that those who came after me were sent by Gideon, what evidence do you have?" Jeff raised his eyebrows slightly as if he was thinking about how to answer her. After a long while, he said slowly, "You really have no memory of those three months?" Nell did not shy away. "Yes." "Then how much memory do you have about the time you went to Country F ten years ago?" "I remember everything after that, but as for everything before the accident..." Nell paused. "The last memory I remember was me boarding the cruise ship, and I’ve forgotten everything else." "I see." Jeff looked down slight

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