Chapter 105 The Child Is Calling

Gideon held Nell’s gaze with quiet intensity. “That’s it?” “Well? What else?” “Nothing.” His eyes flashed with a different emotion, as if trying to conceal something. Nell’s hands clasped tightly together as she felt a sudden surge of anxiety. However, she had always been good at concealing her true emotions. She regained her composure quickly after averting her eyes, all the while wearing an unperturbed expression on her face. “So is there any progress?” “Yup.” With nothing to hide, Nell retrieved the photo given to her by Old K. “Someone messed with the car my mother was driving. The brake lines had been cut beforehand. I suspect that to be the cause of the accident.” Gideon’s eyes widened. A cold expression flashed across them. “Do you need my help?” “No!” Nell gave him a straight refusal. “I must handle this personally and not through someone else.” Her mother had always been the person she loved the most in this world. She was only a young lady when her mother pas

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