Chapter 1084 Gem And Moon

Lizzy rolled her eyes. “Newborn babies are all this small. You were the same as a baby.” Little Viemond was shocked at this. Although he had a high IQ, he was still young and did not understand much about general knowledge. After all, he had little to no experience in life. Therefore, in his opinion, it was simply astonishing that there were such small children in this world. However, since Lizzy had witnessed his birth with her own eyes, she could accept this fact. The two children clung onto the crib, looking left and right as if they could not stop watching the babies. Little Viemond even curiously reached out to poke his little sister’s face, but immediately shrank back in fright after feeling the incredibly soft skin. The baby’s mouth wobbled as if she was about to cry, but since she was too sleepy, she continued to sleep. They watched the babies for a while longer before Nell called them over. “Alright you two, stop disturbing your little siblings. Come and play here!”

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