Chapter 149 Cannon Fodder Guide

“Unlike ‘Hidden River’, it’s only a minor production. The actresses nowadays, they won’t sign on if they’re famous and those who are willing, are lacking in acting skills. It’s rare to find someone like Janet who isn’t concerned whether it was a major or minor production and only has eyes for the script.” Gareth then sighed. Nell really did not have the words to respond to him. After a while, Gareth brought up. “Celine has been in contact with me, saying that she wishes to partake in the shoot and was interested in the female lead role. I’m not too sure myself due to her recent state of affairs. “Although her looks should see her through more than anyone else with wardrobe and make up, I’m still quite concerned. What if halfway through the production, another scandal breaks out? It’s not going to be an easy fix then.” Nell was taken by surprise. With a twinkle in her eye, she asked, “Celine wants the role?” Gareth replied, “Yes. Honestly speaking, my friend might be new in d

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