Chapter 163 Herma

Gideon carried his luggage behind him while Nell ran forward with a small bag. When she entered, she was immediately attracted by the vegetable garden in the yard. She had seen pictures on the Internet and knew that there were vegetables grown here. If they were interested, they could pick and cook their food like ordinary farmers. There was also a vegetable market nearby where they could buy meat and spices. Nell grew even more excited. She had gotten accustomed to the life of a wealthy family by following Gideon, but it was also nice to experience the life of an ordinary couple once in a while. Gideon followed after her and was also infected by her excited mood. He quickly walked forward and brought the luggage into the courtyard. “Gideon, it’s so beautiful here. Go in and have a look. You’ll love it.” Nell went in and strolled around, and went back out to hug his arm and tell him. Gideon swept a glance around. Although it was a little humble, it carried a feeling of seclusion. He no

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