Chapter 265 A Chance Encounter Near The Airport

The Jones family. The Jones family mansion was brightly lit. Old Madam Jones was seated on the sofa in the living room with a huge smile on her face, while Mr. Garrett sat opposite her. He displayed a businesslike expression. “Rest assured, Mr. Garrett! I’ll treat whatever you have ordered as my personal matter and take care of it.” Joseph Garrett smiled. “Of course I trust you, Old Madam Jones. We’ve been investigating this issue for so many years, and we’ve only found out that the child had most probably been brought to Jincheng by a human trafficker back then. The rest of the clues are lost. Our searches were fruitless, thus we could only rely on others. When it comes to finding people in Jincheng, the Jones family’s services are second to none. “I’ve personally come to Jincheng this time to attend to this matter. However, it’s still a private matter of the Garrett family, so I hope you’ll keep this a secret. “My father has been ill for quite a while, and currently, his

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