Chapter 26 I Agree

“There was yellow snake grass mixed into the drug which has an effect of temporarily paralyzing the vocal cords, but it doesn’t last long. She should be able to speak soon.” Gideon nodded and let Matthew send the doctor out. After they left, he went to the bed and looked at the woman lying on it. Nell was much quieter now as she lay on the bed motionless. It seemed as if she was sleeping. Only her still-scarlet face inadvertently revealed her pain and endurance. Gideon watched her for a while wordlessly before walking away. A few seconds later, the sound of rushing water came from the bathroom. Nell opened her eyes in a daze when she felt a large, tall shadow hanging over her. “Let’s go soak in some cold water, hm?” She looked at him and nodded. Gideon picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. The spacious bathtub was already filled with water. When Gideon put her in, the cold water caused her to shiver, and she immediately wrapped her arms around her. “Can you sit up?

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