Chapter 291 More than Meets The Eye

Yet, no matter how unreliable Jean was, she would not put herself in such a sticky situation. This jewelry set was given to her by the old madam to serve as dowry. However, since Jean had not set her heart on tying the knot, the old madam just gave it to her. Thus, that was the meaning behind this jewelry. Owen looked at him and moved his lips, wanting to say something. In the end, he held his tongue. After all, Jean was an aunt of Gideon. Because Gideon’s parents passed an untimely death, Jean had been hands-on with him since he was a child. Even if Jean may have met with some trouble, it was improper to be blunt. Nell understood Owen from his perspective. The only difference was, she was reminded by Jean’s sudden visit to Fengqiao Villa a few days ago where she mentioned some of the antiques. “Gideon, do you remember that four days ago, Aunt came to the villa and threw a tantrum, where she said that I shouldn’t have taken away her antiques?” Gideon nodded. “I do, wh

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