Chapter 326 Childcare

Janet had taken into consideration the conversation she previously had with Nell. Hence, she knew that the trip back to Jincheng was a must. Only, she could return but the child should not be brought along for the journey. Firstly, the child had just recovered from an illness and was still an infant. There was a possibility that he might relapse. Secondly, Janet was worried that Ethan had not budged in acknowledging the child into the family. The child would be the receiving end, caught in a crossfire or clash between them. Nell listened to Janet’s concerns and shared the same sentiments. She nodded and said, “Jan, don’t you worry, I’ll take good care of Sunny. Just go back and focus on dealing with your affairs. I can guarantee you that your child will be in one piece when you return.” Janet gave a grateful smile. “I trust you.” She paused and darted a longing stare at the child before handing him over to Karen. Janet got up and responded, “It’s getting late. I should

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