Chapter 350 The Last Straw

Nell once read a line from a certain book. ‘Once you’ve ruled out the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be true.’ Hence, the true perpetrator could only be her! Nell could not wrap her head around the reason why Celine would go to extremes and lay a finger on a child at such a critical moment. However, she understood that, apart from Celine, everyone today carried no malicious intent towards her and Lizzy. Moreover, if she remembered correctly, Lizzy was suddenly in a bundle of nerves after she had met Celine and had to go to the washroom. All of these explained that it could only be Celine’s doing. In fact, Nell was not really concerned about what Celine would do to her. After all, it was a feud between them adults. For them to come into blows, it was due to their opposing standpoint rather than who was right and wrong. Nevertheless, Lizzy was a different case. She was only a child, yet Celine became so mad that she targeted a child. This was s

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