Chapter 36 My Wife

Nell scanned the table in silence. Sure enough, most of them were her favorite dishes. The books in the study, the clothes in the cloakroom, and now a table full of her favorite dishes. She felt they were too obvious to be a coincidence. However, the man did not say anything, so she pretended not to notice and remained silent. The two observed the rule of not speaking while eating and had their meal in silence. Afterward, she went for a walk in the front garden to digest and swiped on her phone to learn about the latest entertainment news. A cold, crisp scent of pinewood suddenly hit her. She jumped and turned around to see Gideon standing behind her. “Don’t look at your phone while walking.” He reached out and snatched her phone away as he spoke. Nell was not paying attention and accidentally stepped on a stone underfoot, causing her to stumble to the side. “Ahhh—!” A short scream. The expected pain never came. The man scooped her up by the waist and easily brought her int

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