Chapter 370 Going Over to Accompany Him

Nell tried her best to hold back her laughter but she could not control herself. After she calmed herself down, she said, “Who are you so adamantly jealous of? I don’t even know that person. Furthermore, I didn’t plan on accepting such an expensive gift in the first place. I was going to try to find out their identities and return the stuff to them.” Gideon let out another “hmph”. Nell did her best to reassure him. Luckily, that man was not angry. He was just a bit peeved that his girl was being madly pursued by some other guy. Finally, when Nell had managed to calm him down, Gideon made one more request. “You don’t have any shoots tomorrow, right?” Nell paused briefly. After thinking about it a little, she realized that it was true. Gideon said, “Come accompany me at the office.” Instinctively, Nell immediately wanted to reject him. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, you have your work after all…” “I only have a meeting tomorrow morning. I’ll be at my office for the re

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