Chapter 391 Being Set Up

Nell’s head hurt. It felt like someone had cleaved her head open with an ax. She was physically tired too, and there was a nagging pain in the back of her head. Wrapped in a blanket, she groaned in agony. Instinctively, she reached out a hand to shake the person next to her and called with her eyes closed, “Gideon…” A long time had passed but nobody answered. Something was definitely wrong. Slowly, Nell opened her eyes. The room was dimly lit. The minimalistic decor and the black and white stripes that formed part of the room’s design was totally unfamiliar to her. Where was she? Her memories gradually resurfaced in her mind. She vaguely recalled them as she scanned her surroundings. When she noticed a restaurant logo at the bedside table, a sudden realization occurred to her and she was jolted awake. She was at Musi Hotel! Appalled, Nell sat up immediately. It was then that she realized there was someone else on the bed. Gregory Graham! Her face went white as a

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