Chapter 411 Don't Be Jealous

The group of friends went off. Fortunately, this time was not the peak season at the resort, so there were private rooms available. Joel asked for a private room and ordered a table full of seafood while they talked, laughed, and ate. Joel was a troublemaker, instigating his friends at the table to bottoms-up one by one. Stephanie was shy and could not drink very well. After a few drinks, she was rather inebriated. Alan used to be in the army for many years and there were not many opportunities to drink. Later, although he did business, he rarely socialized, so he stopped drinking after a few glasses. Only Simon and Lucy were gutsy enough to go head to head with Joel. Joel wanted to drink with Gideon but the latter ignored him. He just took out the jade and said, "I got the stuff for you. Remember what you promised me." Looking at the jade in front of him, Joel could not wait to hug and kiss Gideon. Despite being grateful and excited, he did not dare to flatter Gideon. Instead, h

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