Chapter 416 Heard A Secret

With that, the two of them arrived in her bedroom. Although Yvette looked very elegant, she was still a girl in her early twenties after all. The room was decorated in pink and it looked very girlish. Nell just took a cursory glance and did not look at it anymore. Yvette brought a new skirt over and said, "Here you go. I just got it and haven't worn it yet." Nell smiled faintly. "Okay, thank you." "You can change here. I'll go out first." "Alright." When Yvette went out, Nell changed in the room. After that, when she went out, she did not see Yvette. She could not help frowning slightly. To her, the Griffin house was completely unfamiliar because there were too many rooms and the design was complicated. If she remembered correctly, the two of them had walked for a long time when they came over, so Yvette’s room should be far from the front hall. Under such circumstances, without anyone to lead the way, it was not easy to find the front hall. As she thought about this, Nell di

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