Chapter 455 Revisiting An Old Place

Gideon paused in his movements. He leveled his gaze with hers. “You two are close?” he asked in a serious tone. Nell was puzzled by Gideon’s question. Then she recalled that one time this man got jealous of Gregory Graham and grinned knowingly. “Nope. Not close at all.” “Didn’t he save you?” Gideon asked calmly. “Hmm… That is true, but he also used me for his own gains.” Nell chuckled. “Who would’ve known I would be so good at racing?” Nell laughed awkwardly, knowing full well that they should not pursue this conversation any longer. She glanced at a remodeled car parked not far from them. “There’s a car right there. Let me see if it’s still working. We can have some fun if it does,” she said as she walked toward the car. It was probably because they were in such a hurry to move that they left so many things behind, including numerous cars. This area was pretty desolate, and everyone knew that it belonged to Dragon Regiment. That was why everything was left as it was. Nothin

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