Chapter 468 This Dish Is Nourishing

Helpless, Nell sat there and dwelled in her thoughts before bursting out laughing. It was not as though she had never seen people so eager to please but to come in this strong... Was really... She lifted her hand to rub her temples without further comment. It was not long before Helen came out with some soup. “Sister-in-law, I made this especially for you. This soup is great for replenishing vitality and blood, and good for its restorative quality, perfect for pregnant women.” Nell took a look at the bowl of soup with an interplay of red and white in front of her. The smell, look, and taste made the soup rather ravishing. She smiled at Helen. “Thank you, you’ve worked hard.” “Not at all. I’m only doing my part.” Though Helen acted chummily, Nell curled her lips and said nothing. She turned and called a nearby maid over. “Go to the gym to see if the young master has finished with his exercise. Call him to lunch if he’s done.” “Yes.” The maid quickly took off but ju

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