Chapter 507 Unattainable Flowers

It was a dreamless night. The next day, Lucy realized that she had woken up with her face drenched in tears. Lucy could not understand why she had suddenly ended up this way. She only knew that she was tremendously exhausted. So tired that her body and soul was completely weary. But she was left with no choice. All she could do was to look as glamorous and fresh as possible when presenting herself to the others. She needed to try her best to give off an image of a goddess. After putting on her makeup, the worn-out woman whom she saw in the mirror earlier transformed into a charming and captivating beauty. Lucy gave herself a mock laugh. She was not sure whether to lament the magic of cosmetics or mourn her earlier haggard look. After Lucy had put on her clothes, she went downstairs and boarded the company van to head to the production company. Susan noticed that Lucy was distantly glum throughout the journey. She could feel Lucy’s throbbing pain in her heart. She had heard

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